Travel has become very popular recent years. There are many ways to travel such as, traveling in group, solo travel, travel with family all of which have their own interesting features. However, some people have said that “if you want to travel quickly, let do it on your own; if you want to travel further, let travel together”. Therefore, recently many people have chosen dogs as their companies. Instead of leaving dogs at home, travelers can spend all time with their dogs and explore every corner of destinations with these special companies. The trend of traveling with dogs has been bloomed very fast.

    How will you travel by?

    You should know that not all flights allow pets especially dogs. Therefore, check the animal instruction from airlines carefully. Almost flights allow tiny dogs or cats going along with the owners, but they need to be carried in a cabin with the size of 60 cm long, 33 cm wide and 23 cm high (23x13x9 inches).

    However, the airlines do limit the number of animals on the flight, so if you travel with others who bring dogs along, your dogs may not be allowed.

    If you travel on land, you will avoid this issue, but it takes much longer when traveling on land and you need to be sure your dogs are fine. You should be sure your dogs are not car sick as well. You can check by traveling with them in a short distance and see their reaction. Then, you can increase the distance so your “company” can be adaptable. There are also medications for car sickness, so you can buy some if necessary.

    • You can try to spray a little lavender oil on the car and give your dogs a little aromatherapy to relax and comfort him which may help for a little extra calm.


    You should find in advance hotels which allow dogs. There are some hotels in Vietnam permitting dogs who are at some certain sizes. Besides, you need to train your dogs not to make noise when being at hotels.

    When leaving the room, remember to hang the board “no disturb” and notice the receptionists. Because, dogs often ten to guard their territory and do not accept any strangers accessing and may attack them.


    Hanging out with your dogs

    If you go to beach or national parks such as, Cat Ba national park or Bach Ma national park, remember to check the rules for pets. Not all beaches allow dogs, information can be checked through internet.

    It is similar to national parks or tourist places. Almost animals, especially dogs are allowed to bring to parks, but you have to ensure they are under your control.

    General tips

    Get your dogs familiar with suitcases or bags which you will leave them into. Leave your bags opened and put some interesting things into the bags so your dogs may find interested.

    Inside the bags or suitcase, remember to stick identity card or tags with your phone number and address as well. Besides, surely that your dogs have collar for safety. Keep all your information on the tags up to date.

    Ask the vets for advices before traveling. The answers may be different based on the ages or sizes of the dogs.

    If traveling by car, do not forget to fasten belt for your dogs. Do not leave them alone on the car or let their head out the car window.

    If you take your dogs oversea, remember to complete all medication certificate for your dog accordance with airlines rules.

    Play time with your dogs and keep them fun during the trip. You can find some safe parks for dogs and set some play time to keep the trip interesting.

    Trend for traveling with dogs on Instagram and Twitter

    Turich is a media director and a dog owner in Nashville, Tennessee (US), has made an account on Instagram and Twitter – “Camping with dogs”. Since the first post, this account has been received many good praises and supports with over 74,000 subscribers. He has planned to walk around the world and explore totally five continents with his dog – Savannah. Their first stop is Ho Chi Minh (Saigon, Vietnam). Until now, his trip and Savannah have lasted over 130 days and they are in the Northern Vietnam. Turich often updates places which he and his company have visited on Facebook and Instagram.

    Like Savannah, Aspen – name of a dog who has been adopted by a photography couple, has a large number of fans on Instagram. Aspen has travelled with this couple to everywhere from the mountains to beaches…Mr. Hunter who is the owner of Aspen said “Aspen is always enthusiastic at any outdoor activities with us. He has joined all activities from climbing mountains, kayaking, swimming or even skiing…”

    “Almost people want to have companies on long trips. In particular, when you have a dog, you will consider him as your close friend and the best thing is that you will always have a special company on every trip to anywhere and overcome hardness or explore together. These will be the most wonderful experiences” said Mr. Doan who has posted photos of his trip to Vietnam on Facebook with vietnam travel agency Vietnam Original Travel


    Traveling with dogs will bring back many wonderful experiences. Let’s think about the photos of you and your special company which will be sweet memory. However, when traveling with your dogs, the most important thing is good preparation ahead. Rules at destinations are often different which you need to check carefully before the trips.