About Me

I am Toan and is a SEO person in Singapore. I am a person who have bred dogs over ten years, I often travel with my dog whose name is Lucky. At any time travel to new destinations, I and my family will take Lucky with us. The reason here is that I cannot stand traveling in happy while my dog has to be at home. I don’t want to make Lucky sad. For me, I believe that dogs were born not just for home guarders or relax under sunshine.

I traveled around Vietnam by motorbike with my dog to explore 15 destinations in Vietnam which took nearly a month. The first destination is My Tho in Mekong Delta and the final is Ha Giang in the Northeast Vietnam which is considered as North pole.

The most interesting thing when traveling with my dog as a company was that we stopped at any time we were tired and I did not feel lonely or wanted to stop my trip. We passed many difficulties like traveling during heavy rain, crossing wide streams or driving on the windy roads in high mountains.

However, traveling with your dogs will become big issues if you do not prepare well in advance, especially going abroad. Through my blog, I would like to share some experiences which I have gained from my real trip and hope that they will be helpful to you all.